You are enough, part 1

Rohini Walker
3 min readJun 9, 2022
Collage art by mr.babies

Believing that we are somehow inherently deficient and not enough is the biggest lie that we’ve been force-fed as truth from the earliest of ages.

In order to fit into and survive in a soul-degrading monoculture built on the lie of not-enoughness, we’re expected to roll over and be colonized by it. If we don’t, we’re marginalized dismissed + silenced, our sanity is called into question.

This insane lie of not-enoughness is the essence of empire, and patriarchy; it is their modus operandi of appropriating our inherently Self-responsible power. Because without our energy, these systems can’t survive.

They’re powerless.

Interestingly, this lie is also the essence of monotheism and mainstream materialist science, both infiltrating the toxic GMO distortion that matter + spirit are separate.

Enter crippling self-judgments and conflicts in our relationships, addictions and perfectionism, Self- disconnection and overwork, wars within + without. All the myriad forces that keep our lives constricted, in suffering and unfulfilled.

But — deep down, we know that there is infinitely more to us than meets the eye.

We’re expressions of the Divine. Of Goddess, in all Her multifaceted dynamism. And in the stillness that is also Her, witnessing all Her creation, from birth to dissolution and regeneration. This stillness is where we can reclaim the stolen Truth that We Are Enough.

It is the light within, ever-present, even through all of the frightening and draining times.

​Accepting ourselves — our fears, emotions, desires, thoughts, sensations is important. And it’s also important to be careful not to get swept up with a false idea of acceptance. We can easily forget about crucial boundaries, allowing people + systems — in their own endemic not-enoughness — to exploit our energy.

Accessing and dwelling in this truth of I Am Enough through the crystalline stillness of our Presence, while remaining rooted and connected to the language of our bodies, keeps us aware of when our boundaries are being violated.

Rohini Walker

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