On White Buffalo Woman + Discernment

Rohini Walker
5 min readMar 7, 2022
Depiction of White Buffalo Woman by Pamela Mccabe

Root + Rise, the membership space for mythic inner alchemy is open for spring enrollment. At the beginning of each seasonal cross quarter, we enter into working with a new story — and we’ll be beginning our next mythic excursion on Spring Equinox, on 20 March.

When I opened up this new round of enrollment, I had the new season’s story that we would be working with, how we would be working with it, etc. all planned out and organized.

​A few weeks ago, as I was sitting in my daily practice of being in communion with the spirit of Root + Rise, I was told in no uncertain terms that the myth I had decided to work on with the group would have to wait for a future seasonal cycle. Instead, this time I was to offer up a completely different story, followed by a clear download of how I am to teach and practice working with it.

Given that the spirit of Root + Rise is one of my beloved guides, I knew better than to question these directives, especially from an ego-based attachment to already having everything planned out with the other story, and the “inconvenience” of having to change this…

Recognizing the gifts of true guidance, I deferred.

So -

For this new cycle of Root + Rise, we will be entering into relationship with the Lakota story of White Buffalo Woman, or White Buffalo Calf Woman as it is sometimes known.

​In particular, we’ll be moving into an intentional space of invoking the archetype of White Buffalo Woman into our own lives and psyches, and working with her in this way. If you’re familiar with the story, you’ll know that White Buffalo Woman is a powerful and transformative figure, central to the spiritual and evolutionary axis of the Lakota people, and the bringer of the peace pipe to human beings.

If ever there was a time that she needed to be called into the collective, it’s now. And of course, when this sort of work is done in a group situation, the effects are amplified.

​I was also given instructions on the specifics of one of the things we are to be working with in collaboration with the story and the archetype — namely, energetic discernment.

Energetic discernment is connected to the stage in alchemy known as Separation…

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