Intuition + Projection, Part II

Rohini Walker
4 min readNov 25, 2021
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In Part I, I described the differences between intuition + projection from an intellectual perspective. So very much more can be said, and I hope some of my observations encourage you to embark on your own lines of inquiry. This really is such a rich and nuanced topic, and one that can have a lasting and transformative impact on many areas of Life.

​In this second part, I’m going to outline some energetic signatures and textures that can help you to decipher between intuition + projection from the exploratory terrain of your body. This is where intellectual understanding can actually become an experiential process, making it more subjective and unique to you and your nervous system, which is what allows us to dance with the many-armed goddess called Life.


The main point to remember from part I is that intuition is a child of the present moment, and the language of the soul/the unconscious, usually arising in the body.

​As such, intuition is the mythic “still, small voice of knowing.” Because it is the voice of the timeless present, it is way, way bigger than the ego and its grasping, aversion and manifold other attachments connected to survival — none of which is wrong, incidentally. It’s the way that the ego has been colonized to make meaning and operate.

​When your intuition is speaking, you will notice that it isn’t pushing or pulling for any particular outcome. It usually conveys its message as gestalt — which is to say that the whole thing is communicated at once, much like looking at a painting or picture — and is connected to the right hemisphere of the brain sending signals through the body’s perception.

As your intuition arises from your larger Self, or your soul, which is inextricably connected to the timeless now and therefore locates itself within a larger context of meaning, it is unconcerned with the game of right + wrong, or with whether or not you follow its guidance.

I often relate to my intuition as the voice of the archetypal wise elder within: as old as Kronos or Time, and a keeper of the wisdom tradition of time as a spiral, with past + future always spontaneously present in the now, which is all there ever is.

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